blue. sanctuary. and the fluidity of love. (a first thursday pop-up)


there was a time, really just two or three august’s ago, when i couldn’t stop writing about the word blue- in all it’s meanings, but mostly how to so many of us blue stands for water, and how water to me is so very much like love. it can be frozen solid, hard like hate. how it can fade white into the thinnest folds of air. how you can hold it, how you can never keep it in your hands whole. how it's not meant to be held on to, or sit still. how it is a moving, breathing, liquid thing. how it is mutable and eternally discoverable- like any passion, that turns into your living, if you're lucky. 

today’s pop-up was about all these things. an artist collaboration with the lovely and talented camilla dahlin, at tasso in bodo. both camilla and i played with color in the pieces we created- with her ethereal watercolor sketch work, and for me, trying to source as many blue elements in the natural world as i could- think berries, berries, and more berries, and stretch them across a handful of flavor layered desserts. it was fun, and stimulating, and in a ripening way, heavy on the feelings. if you weren’t able to make the pop-up, we’ll have some real good pictures up soon, and may be carrying this theme across a series of events. in the meantime, here is a couple little notes on the project as a whole. 


lake lowell, and a view from my kitchen window, and the inspiration behind this concept pop-up.


vanilla cake layered with medley of blue fruits jam and an almond buttercream, topped with a mascarpone buttercream. also, a lake in cake from. 


a mosaic fruit tart called "shades of love"- a story of love's progression, from innocent blueberry to vibrant strawberry.


camilla, with her beautiful work. 

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