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summer is here, hooray!

get your sweet celebrations on with an artisan cake or some delectable pastries from our
menu of gourmet, one-of-a-kind treats!



some of our favorite Summer cakes:

double chocolate cocoa buttercream cake

w/ salted caramel and dark chocolate ganache layers


key lime custard cheesecake

w/ almond graham crust


personalized lemon or banana layer cake

w/ classic vanilla buttercream


fresh berry cake
w/ citrus chantilly cream frosting


at figgy, we find what’s most important to be the authenticity, care and intent that goes into every step and stage of a dessert’s creation, presentation and delivery- from our hands to you and those you love. We utilize only natural, whole food ingredients- crafting cakes and pastries from scratch, spun from what is simple, fresh and true.


..w/ a nod toward the season at hand and a dedication to detail, taste and beauty- from the inside out.


~ katy


from art galleries to open houses and everywhere in-between, come join figgy at our next pop-up event!


follow figgy on Instagram @figgybakes


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katy vestal

owner | artisan baker


katy vestal is a native to boise and self-taught artisan baker, who has an adoration and respect for all things natural, fresh, genuine and sweet. she has seen her original passion for art, poetry and the four seasons organically come to life in what she creates- unique and artfully crafted, flavor rich interpretations on traditional desserts and delicious things.