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Art Inspired Dinner at Camels Crossing w/ Camilla Dahlin

Featuring an original artwork exhibit by Camilla Dahlin, inspired dessert by Figgy and a coursed
dinner with wine pairings from Chef Brian Ferris, all themed around the showcased art.


“caesar” salad
gem lettuce, stuffed brioche crouton, parmesan fluff, boquerones
Santa Barbara Winery | 2017 Chardonnay

grilled octopus & spring vegetables
toasted almond romesco, preserved lemon, castelvetrano olives
Benanti Etna Bianco | 2014 Carricante

fennel rubbed pork tenderloin
fried polenta, charred spring onion soubise, crispy smoked trumpet mushrooms, madeira elderberry gastrique
Domaine Michele Gros Haute Cotes de Nuit | 2014 Pinot Noir

deconstructed chocolate torte
ginger sea salt, white chocolate mousse, local honey hazelnut praline
Rare Wine Co. New York | Malsmey Madeira



Flowing with tangy tarts, fresh fruit bakes, key lime cheesecake, rustic pies, light floral creams & more!

  • Lemon Vanilla Coconut Whoopie Pies | $3.50 ea.
    (Get them Vegan!)

  • White Chocolate + Rosewater Pistachio Cream Truffles. l $3 ea.

  • Citrus Spice Carrot Cake Cookies w/ Toasted Pecans. | $2 ea.

  • Key Lime White Chocolate Fudge Squares w/ a Ginger Graham Crust | $2 ea.

  • Gourmet Shortbread Cookie Stacks w/ Ruffled Buttercream. l Various flavors and sizes,

    please inquire for pricing.

    (Get them Vegan!)

  • *GF Cardamom Banana Cake w/ Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache Glaze l $35

  • Rustic Strawberry Mosaic Galette Tart. | $25

    (Get this GF!)

  • Key Lime Custard Cheesecake w/ an Almond Crumb Crust | $60

  • Tropical Citrus Tart Bars w/ an Almond Shortbread Crust | $3 ea.

  • Pink Grapefruit Tart Bars w/ a Salted Shortbread Crust | $3 ea. 

  • Honey Lemon Cake Jars w/ Blackberry Chamomile Mousse | $5 ea. 


at figgy, we find what’s most important to be the authenticity, care and intent that goes into every step and stage of a dessert’s creation, presentation and delivery- from our hands to you and those you love. We utilize only natural, whole food ingredients- crafting cakes and pastries from scratch, spun from what is simple, fresh and true.


..w/ a nod toward the season at hand and a dedication to detail, taste and beauty- from the inside out.


~ katy


from art galleries to open houses and everywhere in-between, come join figgy at our next pop-up event!


follow figgy on Instagram @figgybakes


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katy vestal

owner | artisan baker


katy vestal is a native to boise and self-taught artisan baker, who has an adoration and respect for all things natural, fresh, genuine and sweet. she has seen her original passion for art, poetry and the four seasons organically come to life in what she creates- unique and artfully crafted, flavor rich interpretations on traditional desserts and delicious things.