a making of spring.


there is nothing quite as inspiring as nature, or the bloom of each of it's seasons, startling in it’s bold ability to transform everything around it into a brand new interpretation of itself. ••

i made this tart to tell the story of boise’s forever magical spring. the ruby tulips and the way the fuzz from the trees over in the north end colorblocks the sidewalk in squares of lime-hued green.


on runs i would see this perfect scene and it seemed as if someone had staged it, the patterns so symmetrical and the colors almost synthetically vivid. i've wanted to create this in edible form for very long time.

uproot magazine asked me in the dead of winter to come up with a spring dessert and a recipe i would be willing to share, and the cool thing about this precious strawberry tart is it's divine to eat, and completely naturally made🍓

to check out this story and the recipe to make, snag a copy of the latest issue of uproot. a link to do so is posted below✌️all incredible photos, compliments of @jennybettybee📷



Katy Vestal