cupcakes. and pop-up thoughts



this last weekend back at the saturday market, with apprehension of the all mighty heat that’s been swamping us, and more than a little energy being funneled toward future projects and behind-the-scenes design fun with the creative wonders at snosey, i was surprised to feel reminded how just damn much i love doing pop-ups out in the downtown community- immersed in a sea of bobbing flowers clutched in the hands of hurried crowd weavers, drifting thai spices, chefs from restaurants across the street buying vegetable bundles for dinner service, familiar faces dropping in and out-of-towners lit up over the happy, sunny vibes of the market scene.. it’s all kind of storybook picturesque and worth the pandemonium that can go into getting ready for a pop-up event. that being said, we’ve had much of our weekends occupied as of late with weddings and showers and special occasion catering requests, and the fun and sweetness of creating a personal dessert bar or a very important cake and bringing this into someone’s home is rewarding to a degree that gives me feel-good shivers. This is figgy’s first summer, and my first summer, doing this beautiful work and i’m nothing short of head over heels with it all. 


so! after gushing about allll that- i will be engaged with events for the next couple weeks and may be holding off on pop-ups during this time, but! will be offering limited cupcake box purchases, in four to twelve count packs, for the rest of this month. flavor options will be double dutch chocolate, vanilla bean with almond mascarpone, and hummingbird cupcakes with a citrus vanilla buttercream. if interested, fill out an order form in the tabs above, or send an email to!


happy summering everyone!

Katy Vestal